Questions to Help You Choose a Physical Therapist


1.- What expertise do you possess that makes you uniquely qualified to treat my condition?



Therapists that have advanced training in a particular area of practice have a more structured approach to your recovery resulting in accurate identification of problems and effective treatments.


Creative Therapy Resource therapists have advanced training in treating complicated orthopedic Conditions including those related to the spine, shoulder, neurological disorders, neuropathy, headaches and fall prevention.


2.- What are the typical recovery times for my particular condition?


Your therapist should be able to supply you with a predictive outcome for your case based on clinical experience and coupled with the latest evidence based research.



At Creative Therapy Resource, your therapist will discuss with you the results of your evaluation, recommendations for treatment, any possible complications of the treatment, and any alternate treatments that may be appropriate for your condition. Your therapist will also tell you the recommendations for the frequency and duration of your care, including the latest evidence on clinical outcomes for your ailment. This gives each patient a benchmark to compare what to expect and how they are progressing as compared to others with the same condition.


3.- How do you assure that I will get the best care for my unique situation?


The only acceptable answer is that Evidence Based Practice is incorporated into the day to day treatment of patients. That means that the latest good research is used to make clinical decisions. As a prospective patient looking to get better faster, while experiencing less inconvenience, and incurring the least amount of out of pocket expense, you absolutely want a physical therapist that incorporates the latest evidence into their patient treatment programs.


Creative Therapy Resource implements the latest Evidence Based Practices at the clinical level. Our professional staff meets regularly to review and incorporate the latest research into our treatment protocols as quickly as possible.


 4.- Will the therapist allow me to manage my own condition, or will they create a situation where I become dependent on them for relief?


A good example of this is the difference between chiropractic care and physical therapy for treating back problems. Chiropractic care requires that patients receive regular maintenance adjustments that can only happen under the chiropractor’s care. Creative Therapy Resource uses clinically proven physical therapy treatment options, like the McKenzie Method, empowering patients to care for their own spines independently.


At Creative Therapy Resource, we integrate techniques for long term care management, reducing the incidence of recurrence, and promoting patient independence.


5.- What education, training and experience does the physical therapist have?


A good source for this information is to look at the therapist’s professional resume. A good therapist will be more than happy to give you a copy.


At Creative Therapy Resource, we give you our professional resume without even asking. It’s our job to educate patients on standards of care and professionalism, and patients really shouldn’t have to ask for this information. 


6.- Will I see the same physical therapist at each visit; will I be treated by unlicensed aides; will I be working on my own; and will I be getting “hands-on” care?



Many clinics do not have patients see the same therapist throughout their course of treatment. This is clearly not in the best interest of the patient and the end result is poor treatment outcomes. Unlicensed aides are widely used in the out-patient industry and they can never give the quality of treatment given by a licensed physical therapist or physical therapy assistant. Double-booking of clients is also a common practice in the industry resulting in patients working independently on various machines or exercising alone.



At Creative Therapy Resource, we believe in one-on-one consistent care, so we never double-book our patients. The same therapist will see you at each visit, and she will use hands-on techniques to treat your condition. If your therapist is on vacation, she will discuss your case with another one of our professional therapists who will continue your care until your therapist returns. We never use unlicensed aides for your treatment. Your therapist will stay with you for your entire treatment session; we don’t expect you to exercise alone.


For more information, view our “Standard Of Care and Performance” here.


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