Why Physicians should Trust Referring "Their Patients" to Creative Therapy Resource?


Here's 5 reasons you should consider referring patients to Creative Therapy :


1.- Evidence Based Practice:


Creative Therapy Resource utilizes evidence-based protocols which ensures your patient will get the latest, scientifically validated, and the most effective treatment options available.



2.- Expertise:


Our therapists are experienced with advanced training in many areas of physical therapy including treatment of the spine, shoulder, vestibular system, and fall prevention. Our physical therapists have all been instructors of continuing education courses for other physical therapists. Creative Therapy therapists are committed to continuing education to further advance their knowledge and we routinely complete more than the minimal educational requirements.  


3.- Outcomes:


At Creative Therapy we meet regularly to discuss research on the latest evidence in physical therapy treatment outcomes and immediately apply it to our patients. We have dozens of testimonials from happy patients who were able to relieve their pain and return to their active lifestyles after receiving care at Creative Therapy.


4.- Patient Experience: 


 We’ve eliminated the most common patient frustrations, including complaints about waiting, scheduling conflicts, cleanliness, or being passed off to an inexperienced therapist. From the front desk to the actual therapy experience we try our best to provide the most stress-free experience possible.


5.- Patient Education: 


At Creative Therapy we feel that an educated patient is someone that will be able to understand the process of healing much better and, in turn, follow the prescribed course of rehabilitation. We thoroughly explain the reasons behind each exercise or activity and why it is important for the patient to complete the recommended treatments. As a result, treatment time is reduced which enables our patients to begin enjoying the quality of life they desire… FAST.  


Hours & Locations

Convenient Hours at 2 Locations


Des Plaines

Mon - Thurs:  7:00AM to 6:00PM



Mon - Thurs: 8:00AM to 6:00PM


(later hours may be possible at both locations, please call for more information)


Creative Therapy Resource, Ltd.

Main Phone: 847.390.0999  Fax:  847.390.0949



Des Plaines Office: 1683 Elk Boulvard, Des Plaines, IL 60016      Ph:  847.390.0999   Fax: 847.390.0949

Riverwoods Office: 1135 Milwaukee Ave., Riverwoods, IL 60015  Ph: 847.520.9038  Fax: 847.520.9039