1.   Creative Therapy's philosophy is that patient education and communication are vital for improved outcomes and increased patient compliance.


At Creative Therapy, after the initial evaluation, your therapist will give you a detailed explanation summarizing your specific problems, the causes of those problems, and the recommended treatment program. Your therapist will explain the rationale for the treatment program including any applicable studies supporting it, the possible side effects of the proposed treatment, if any, and inform you of any alternate treatment approaches.  We will keep your doctor informed about your progress and send them a comprehensive discharge evaluation at the conclusion of your treatment.



2.  Creative Therapy is designed to provide care best suited to patient healing.


In today's economy, many PT clinics set up their practice to minimize costs in response to the continued decreased reimbursement from insurance companies. One of the most common industry-wide reactions to this pressure is to reduce visit times and pass off as many patients as possible to lower-paid unlicensed aides. Creative Therapy recognizes that this can greatly impact the quality of care and the patient experience.



At Creative Therapy, patients don't need to worry about being passed off to an unlicensed aide on their follow-up visits. We never double-book our patients. At Creative Therapy, patients will work one-on-one with our skilled, licensed therapists on EVERY visit. We don't employ unlicensed aides to work with patients.





3.   Creative Therapy Physical Therapists are experienced and dedicated to advancing their own knowledge. 


On average, they complete 10-20% more than the minimal required continuing education to maintain their licenses.  You should ask yourself, "Do you want a team of therapists that meet only minimum requirements?" 



Creative Therapy physical therapists embrace continuing education and are constantly searching the literature for the latest advancements in physical therapy. Our therapists are advanced enough to be teachers of continuing education for other therapists. Creative Therapy is licensed by the State of Illinois as a Continuing Education Provider for Physical and Occupational Therapists.



4. To optimize outcomes, Creative Therapy Physical Therapists have advanced training in complicated orthopedic and neurological conditions to insure they provide the most comprehensive treatment programs. 



At Creative Therapy, our staff has specialized training in both orthopedic and neurological conditions. For more specific information, see our staff bios We implement the latest Evidence Based Practices at the clinic level.  We meet regularly to review the latest research and incorporate it into treatment protocols as quickly as possible.  At Creative Therapy, you will be given the therapist's professional resume and we welcome questions about the latest physical therapy treatments.



Hours & Locations

Convenient Hours at 2 Locations


Des Plaines

Mon - Thurs:  7:00AM to 6:00PM



Mon - Thurs: 8:00AM to 6:00PM


(later hours may be possible at both locations, please call for more information)


Creative Therapy Resource, Ltd.

Main Phone: 847.390.0999  Fax:  847.390.0949



Des Plaines Office: 1683 Elk Boulvard, Des Plaines, IL 60016      Ph:  847.390.0999   Fax: 847.390.0949

Riverwoods Office: 1135 Milwaukee Ave., Riverwoods, IL 60015  Ph: 847.520.9038  Fax: 847.520.9039