Free Voucher

A free screening is a 30 to 60  meeting with one of our therapists to see if our approach would help your condition.  You do not need a doctor's prescription and there is no cost to you.


When you arrive at the office, you will fill out a brief, one page form.  Our receptionist can help you complete any sections of the form that you have questions about.  After looking over your form, the Physical Therapist will ask you some clarifying questions about your condition, find out what other treatments  you have tried in the past, and discuss the results of any past treatments.


You will then go through a few tests (don't worry, it won't hurt) specific to your condition to determine the possible cause of your problem and what the best course of treatment would be. 


The therapist will then discuss the findings with you and let you know what our approach would be for dealing with your condition. If the therapist feels that physical therapy would benefit your condition, the recommended treatment approach will be explained and the outcomes you can expect will be discussed. The therapist will also tell you how often and long you would need treatment in order to achieve the therapy goals.  Any possible adverse effects of therapy would be discussed, if there are any, and the therapist will be able to tell you about any alternative physical therapy treatments that exist. If the therapist is recommending a specific piece of equipment, it will be shown to you and its function explained. 


If you decide to have the recommended physical therapy treatment, you will need a documented diagnosis from your doctor. This is the law in Illinois. In order for most insurance companies to pay for physical therapy, there must be medical necessity. In most cases, medical necessity is determined by your doctor writing a prescription for physical therapy, so we require a prescription in order to bill insurance companies for your treatment.  You can contact your doctor yourself, or we would be happy to fax the doctor a letter outlining our program and requesting a prescription for you. Once we receive the prescription, we would call you to schedule your first appointment. 


Before you leave, we will give you any informational brochures we have on your condition, as well as, the therapist's recommendations for treatment. 


To schedule a FREE SCREENING:


In the Des Plaines office CALL 847-390-0999


In the Riverwoods office CALL 847-520-9038 


Hours & Locations

Convenient Hours at 2 Locations


Des Plaines

Mon - Thurs:  7:00AM to 6:00PM



Mon - Thurs: 8:00AM to 6:00PM


(later hours may be possible at both locations, please call for more information)


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Des Plaines Office: 1683 Elk Boulvard, Des Plaines, IL 60016      Ph:  847.390.0999   Fax: 847.390.0949

Riverwoods Office: 1135 Milwaukee Ave., Riverwoods, IL 60015  Ph: 847.520.9038  Fax: 847.520.9039